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Below are some of the specific areas where Cross Media Publishing can add value to your business. 
Analysis and development of sales strategies
When dealing with the day to day management of existing business it can be difficult to spend the necessary time to look for new opportunities. As Cross Media Publishing approach with a totally open mind it is possible to appraise your market, your competitors and how you fare against them. In addition through working with your existing sales team we can often find opportunities to create new revenue through new products. 
Customer profiling and database management
The first step in attracting new customers is understanding who they are and what they need. Whilst this may sound obvious all too often insufficient time is spent in making sure that proposals are individually tailored to meet the needs of specific customers. Cross Media Publishing provide the resources and expertise to gather this market intelligence and then to apply it throughout your sales and marketing processes. Thus, Letters, brochures, WWW pages and even telephone calls can all be targeted to get the best possible response.
Data research and management
CMP offers an important support service in the form of Data Research & Management. Our service is used for such purposes as creation and updating of prospect and customer databases, competitor surveys, directories, delegates lists, etc. We pride ourselves on providing a uniquely thorough and tailored service not readily matched by our competitors.
All too often data lists presumed "up-to-date" turn out to be, in some cases, up to several years out of date. This is not only costly to you financially in wasted effort and time, but is also potentially damaging to your company’s reputation.  CMP understands that you require genuinely up-to-minute information and further, we understand you may require highly specific information. Each project is carried out on an exclusive basis - these lists are not sold to a third party.
Our researchers are trained by us in-house and hand-picked for each project. They are fully briefed on what is required from them, and they are constantly monitored and evaluated by our Head of Research. It is vital that you feel assured the information you receive from us is thoroughly and accurately researched. In order to achieve your peace of mind, CMP has created a unique Action Reporting System. Please ask for further details.
Graphic Design
Whether it’s a new corporate identity, brand name or simply designing the look and feel of a one off document, design plays a major role in how your customers perceive your organisation.
Hard copy production and distribution
Developments within the printing industry have changed the way in which these services can be bought most effectively. Using specialist knowledge, performance can be improved whilst achieving high quality and keeping costs to a minimum. Savings are considerable over the course of the year whilst still maintaining flexibility and quality. Distribution similarly benefits from effective management, keeping costs down by using the most appropriate delivery route for each geographic location.
Content engineering
The presentation of data on screen has a large effect on the amount of information that is actually communicated between the author and the reader. For electronic documents to be effective the data must be easily readable and useable. Where technology allows, windows type presentation can be used to produce documents that are familiar yet visually stimulating. In addition archiving, searching, combined with information agents and summariser’s assist the reader in saving time and effort in understanding your products and services.
Electronic delivery
As with paper based information distribution is a key element. Choosing the right medium (CD-ROM, Internet, Intranet, Extranet or third party vendor) is essential to ensuring that information is delivered on time and in the correct format. However, using a number of different media requires information to be supplied in a variety of formats requiring yet more of your resources. Cross Media Publishing takes this process under control, dealing with the technical issues as necessary and freeing your time to concentrate on more strategic ones.
Web site authoring
Using the Internet as part of your marketing strategy has become accepted business practice. However making sure that your web presence adds value to your organisation and indeed earns you money is a little less widespread. CMP provides a range of solutions to match your objectives: 
  • Evaluation of your existing web site strategy. 
  • Development of existing web sites. 
  • Registering your domain name. Ensuring your customers know where to find you on the Internet and protecting your corporate image. 
  • Creating a simple web site enabling you to evaluate its performance at minimum cost. Is it right for you? 
  • Creating interactive web sites to project your corporate image thereby building your brand image. 
  • Commercial web sites - electronic commerce. Create new revenue streams through conducting business on the Internet. 
  • On going web site maintenance. Keeping your web presence accurate and up to date. 
Technical specifications and details are available on request.
Web site hosting and administration
A key part of your organisations Web activities is ensuring that visitors to your site have access to information without suffering long download times or corrupted pages.
CMP offer hosting and administration of your web site as part of our portfolio. This includes: 
  • Secure server for receipt of confidential information such as credit card details thereby enabling electronic commerce. 
  • E-mail forwarding to your ISP e-mail addresses. 
  • Monthly statistical reports telling you who has visited your site, how long they stayed, how they came to find you and which pages were of most interest. 
Technical specifications and details are available on request.
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